Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Little Bit o'Variety Opinion

I'm somewhat time constrained, but I do want to keep this environmental series going for at least a few more posts. So, I thought I'd point out a few sites where you can see what others are saying. Some are environmental organizations, others are articles &/or commentary. I will not vouch for everything on every site - but I do think they at least provide fodder for thought. Let me know of other interesting sites (please - no Greenpeace or PETA sites - I'm looking for places not widely known.)

The National Wildlife Federation is one of my wife's favorite organizations. She's working on getting our backyard certified as wildlife-friendly.

Christianity Today has this article that talks about what drives our motivation, as Christians, towards environmental concern. They add a point that I missed Monday - namely, teaching our children to be environmentally responsible. Teaching stewardship and respect for creation is definitely something we're striving to do in our family. Hopefully we are successful.

Blogotional is another blogger who posted on the topic. John doesn't see an upside for Christians on engaging in an Evangelical Environmentalism movement.

This short post at World Magazine Blog has lots of comments. Some good discussion, if a year or so old.

The Evangelical Environmental Network has this declaration on the care of creation.

A Rocha is a Christian conservation organization that works internationally. some, though caution against Christians going so "green" they neglect other concerns of more importance. In all things, balance.

There are more environmental information sites than I could possibly link. Hope these at least give you some interesting info that maybe you haven't considered - even if ultimately you don't buy it.

God bless!

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