Friday, June 17, 2005

It's Meme Time!

Having been tagged by Soldado at The LORD My Dad (highly recommended blog - and not just because of the very nice pictures), I thought I'd take a break from the environment series to chat about books.

And the next post in the environment series is about 1/2 finished, so should be out soon for those of you looking for that.

The recent meme craze in the 'sphere seems to have turned just about anything into a Q&A session allowing bloggers to (a) get to know each other, and (b) link to other blogs, thereby (hopefully) introducing bloggers to one another. I've already answered the meme on music and it looks as if the book questions are fairly similar. A caveat: As did Soldado (and others) I will not include the Bible in my answers. The reason is that I find it a book far above all others - plus as anyone who's read this blog lately knows, the value I find in the Bible is already pretty well known: It is the most important and useful book ever written, and has the greatest power to change lives of any written work in history. So, keep in mind that rankings below should be dropped by one place if the Bible is included.

The questions (drumroll please):

Total Number Of Books Owned Ever:

Um, you've got to be kidding me. Easily in the thousands...couldn't even begin to guess. I've culled books pretty much every time we've moved, and still have quite a few at home.

Last Book Bought:

To Kill a Mockingbird.

Last Book I Read:

The Manchurian Candidate. Oh, and for school, Economics: A Contemporary Introduction, 6e. The former is much more entertaining, if a touch morbid, than the latter.

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me:

  • Mere Christianity. I am a huge C.S. Lewis fan, and while I certainly don't place his writings in the category of scripture, they have been influential and important in refining my philosophy.

  • A Severe Mercy. Powerful story about love, and how the author discovered, through pain and loss, a love even more profound than that he shared with his wife.

  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Oh, and throw The Hobbit in here too. This series of books showed that an author could be a Christian and still write quality fiction instead of tripe. (Lewis did this too, with the Narnia and Perelandra books, but I already used him in this list...)

  • The Cross and the Switchblade. Goes to show how God can use the willing here in America - missionaries don't have to go overseas...

  • Bruchko. ...but of course, if called overseas...reading this book humbles me like few others.

Tag someone else?

The usual suspects have all been tagged, recently, so this is an open "tag" to anyone who wants to answer these questions. Let me know via email/comment and I'll add a link to your response.

God bless!


Swan said...

I've accepted your invitation and I've answered the meme questions in a post called It's meme time! on my blog.

Douglas said...

I mentioned the space trilogy as some of my top five.