Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Goin' Back to School

Getting back to our series on the environment (yes, I know it's been a few days), there is more the Bible has to say about it than what I've covered to date.

So far, I've covered God's roles, what we should do, and what we shouldn't do in regards to creation. I've also tossed out a few other opinions - of which there are many more. What is left is touch on what we can learn from nature - the classroom, so to speak, of our Creator.

The Psalmist talks about how the heavens declare the glory of God and pass knowledge of Him to those on earth. Through creation, we learn that God exists and is glorious.

Paul talks about how creation itself is also proof of God - anyone seeing creation, or the environment, has seen His handiwork. In this passage we find that creation reveals God's power and divine nature. These qualities are obvious: without power beyond human reckoning, and the divine nature above creation, God could not create such a place as this. The earth shows us, at least a little, of the awesome power of God.

We also learn that God is good as He provides for our needs through watering the fields and providing food. Even though we are under a curse that demands we work for every bit of food, God has mercy on us and provides rain and sun: we learn from His sustaining works in the earth that He is merciful.

There is a limit to what our environment can teach us about God. It certainly reveals His power, His majesty, His sovereignty and His mercy. It cannot, though, teach us about the plan to eternal relationship with Him through His Son. That revelation is from the Bible, summarized well in John 3:16-17. So we do need more than nature to show us how to relate with God. However, nature itself is sufficient to point us to Him, and give us an inkling of who He is. We'll never grasp all of Him with our finite minds, but He's revealed enough of Him to all of us that we'll have no excuse when we stand before Him - our world teaches us that He is, that He is mighty, and that He is worthy of praise.

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cwv warrior said...

I have a friend who insists she has found God and she doesn't need to read the Bible. Furthermore, she applies this rule to all belief. The Bible is an unnecessary evil. I will most likely get into it on my space sometime. But i hear what you're saying here.