Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Environment - Closing Remarks

I'm about done with this series, and not because there's not sufficient environmental minutiae into which I could delve if I chose. All of creation - earth, sky, air, sea...the complexities of how we deal with nature are numerous. And in reality, how we deal with creation is something we should be thinking about fairly often. Very often our actions have a direct impact on our environment, from what kind of car we drive, to what kinds of pets we have, to what we eat and wear.

God was extremely generous to us, granting us stewardship over all of nature - animals, plants, earth, sea - even the stars and the moon are within our domain of interest, if not direct control.

God cares greatly for His creation, and though we are certainly the most important of His creatures (being the only ones created in His image) we should not neglect the rest of them. We have a divinely-mandated responsibility to care for creation. We are most certainly not to trash it, destroy it or waste it. We are to manage it, humanely and gratefully.

Most of all we should be grateful for this earth. It provides sustenance, air, water and resources that allow us to live - and in this country, to live well. We shouldn't take it for granted, nor should we take advantage of that which isn't really even ours. If we are grateful for what God has provided, we will naturally treat it well.

That being said, we need to remember that only God is to be worshipped, and that we are more important to Him than the rest of the earth. After all, this earth will someday be replaced while we will be merely changed. So take care of the environment, and think responsibly. But do not worship it and do not elevate concern for the earth above our concern for our fellow people. If God cares for the earth, so should we; if God cares even more for people, so should we.

I hope, if nothing else, this series has prompted you to at least consider how you deal with the environment in which you live, and your responsibilities towards it. More, though, I hope that you know that God is revealed in creation, that He is there, and that your being in it is a sign of His great love for you.

Tomorrow I'll close this series with some pictures of His creation. Assuming I can figure out pictures in Blogger.

Until then...

God bless!

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