Thursday, June 09, 2005

Christian Carnival is up!

The Christian Carnival is up at Reformed Politics. Some early highlights:

Rev-ed has a story of Dizzy Gillespie - one of the best trumpet players in history. Right up there with my wife! Interesting approach of tying together the Dizzy-as-genre-creator/Dizzy-as-guest-soloist to the God-in-parts/God-as-whole question.

Bonnie at Off the Top posts this post on C.S. Lewis and contraception. Plays well in this conversation at Evangelical Update. (And not just because it talks heavily about Lewis who we seem to cite every other comment over at EU.)

Speaking of Lewis, this post at incarnatus est talks about the beauty of God's creation, and not making it ugly by making things what they aren't designed to be. Provocative food for thought.

And I'm a softie (geek, born in 1970 - you can figure out why) for anything Star Wars related, like this post from Beneath the Dirty Hood. The integration of Bible verses into this short tale is clever and a fun (quick) read.

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