Friday, June 24, 2005

Ah, home again...

I don't travel terribly much. The weekend camping trips are about as exotic as we get since the girls came along (though we're hoping to find our way to L.A. this fall sometime - dates not to be publically announced in case the stray burglar reads this blog.) But one of the blessings of my job is the occassional trip to Denver. I spent much of this past week there, these past two days in possession of a laptop sans working network card. So, I apologize for a dearth of posting since Wednesday. I took some time to snap a photo or two up on Mt. Evans last evening, and hopefully I can post some of them here next week - kinda an ode to this nature stuff we've been chatting 'bout recently.

Speaking of bouts, oldest daughter has a temp and a tempermental tummy tonight. Prayers are appreciated. That's the primary reason this post will be (by my standards) short. Have to make a 7-Up/Saltines run. Downside is this is keeping us from our church group camping trip. Good news is more snuggle time with the girls after some time away.

Before I go, a note:

Christian Carnival is up at In the Spirit of Grace. Due to aforementioned network connectivity issue, I haven't read any yet, so no recommendations other than, well, all of 'em.

God bless!

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