Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 5/17 Edition

Christian Carnival will be hosted at A Penitent Blogger this week. Entries due tonight!

Vox Apologia received four entries this past week, on the use of the Trilemma. Next week's topic is Buddhism. Hmmmm...not my strong suit, so please, if you know whereof you speak on Buddhism, educate me and enter the Vox, all at the same time:)

Hooray! Nick Queen's Out of the Wilderness Showcase has returned! New blogger Dignan's 75 Year Plan makes our acquaintance this week.

Catez's Darfur collection is up. Sobering, yet important reading.

I'm really starting to like the ESV. I've always been an NASB guy, but the ESV is very good.

Finally...for all you who've wanted to take me on, have at it!


is a Giant Robot that has a mean Left Hook and a Metal Jaw, and is Highly Flammable and Radioactive.

Strength: 8 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 9

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat NorthernBurbsBlog, enter your name and choose an attack:

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