Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Christian Carnival Update

Have to head to Cubbies tonight, for awards night (eldest daughter gets her last shot at Cubbie glory before moving up to Sparks) so I'll just note that:

Christian Carnival is up!

Haven't made it through all ~66 some posts yet, but early favorites include:

The Regulator talks about one of my all time favorite thinkers and writers, C.S. Lewis, in his carnival entry.

Messy Christian takes on an...ummmm...interesting topic in her post entitled More talk on [a certain female undergarment]. A provocative entry (and good comments conversation) about what is appropriate fodder for a blogger to discuss.

Wayne at Questions and Answers offers up some thoughts on why liberals hate Christian conservatives in this carnival post.

Jeanette asks a very good questions: What Is the Christian’s Duty to the Poor? Check out her post for some practical thoughts.

Is Christianity just a retelling of a pagan myth? Um, no. Bill points to the error of some scholars giving that particular theory a shot. Frankly, the times when stories from other faiths are similar to those in Christianity, I find that to be compelling evidence that there is some truth behind it.

Happy reading and God bless!

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