Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wrong Time to be Eating a Donut

I just had to have a donut on my plate when I read this post from Kristen, didn't I?

Truth is, this is something that's been on my mind lately, and not just because my own soon-to-be-five-years-old daughter commented on my "build."

The Bible is quite clear: we are to avoid gluttony. Truth be told, we are to take care of our bodies becauase they are of use to God Himself. We are His temple, the handiwork of the Father. Abuse of our bodies, whether sexually, violently, or 'over-indulgently' keeps us from being fully able to carry out the tasks to which God has called us.

As Kristen says, "I hope this doesn't sound at all condemning...[l]ike most things I post about, I notice it in my own life too, and want to change." I like that. We should all want to be changed by God, and God has been moving in my life in this area. Gluttony is a problem, and should be addressed. Not at the expense of turning the body into an idol, or worshipping fitness, of course, but it should be addressed.

What God has created deserves our faithful stewardship. That includes our bodies, and what we feed them. And this responsibility to care for ourselves without resorting to greed or gluttony is not reduced just because we live in a culture that makes it too easy to give in to temptation.

With that, I'll echo Kristen's close: "Anyone want to join me and Jim in trying to do better? Jim's already fighting his flesh in this area. Let's encourage him and one another."

Sign me up.

God bless!

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