Thursday, April 07, 2005

Trippin' 'Round the 'Sphere - 4/7 Edition

Kristen's post on judging folks is spot on; the cries of intolerance, and incidences of "judge not" being used sans the inconvenience of context, are red herrings tossed up when people don't like being critiqued. There is a place for discernment, and a time when judging others is an act of love and compassion.

Lennie, at Cross Blogging has posted the new symposium question. The discussion will center on the culture of life and absolutism.

Good question from Echo Zoe. Best answer I can come up with is this. It seems to me there may be some parallels between sexual misbehavior and illicit drug use: namely, both increase the risk of damage to the temple of the Spirit. Then again, for the non-Spirit filled, this may not be an issue. Otherwise, maybe this covers it. Getting drunk, or stoned, involves giving up some level of control, and increases the risk of, well, debauchery. Better to be filled with the Spirit IMO. Thoughts?

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