Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Comments

I'm not fond of Blogger's ability to remain predictable in behavior, but I guess I'm getting what I (didn't) pay for. Which is fine. And I do sincerely appreciate the opportunity to play blogger at minimal cost.

However, I also enjoy the opportunity to discuss topics with readers, and as lately the comments haven't been working here, I decided to take Not Crunchy's advice and go the Haloscan route. It's not often I'm addressed by name in another blog's post title, so I figured it was something to take seriously.

This means that I have purposely "lost" old comments, at least for the time being. I believe there is a way to cut/paste the old ones into the new system, and I hope to do that in the near future - at least for more recent posts. I apologize for this, but I do hope that this change adds benefits going forward. Otherwise I would not have made the change.

Meanwhile, I also decided to start trackbacks, if for no other reason than my geek side likes more toys. I don't know if I'll keep 'em, but for now feel free to use 'em.

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