Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ice, fire, and pengiuns with cymbals

This is certainly interesting. I'm a hobbyist in all things meteorologic (especially severe weather - even have my Skywarn spotter cert), so the general global warming debate has my interest. Fascinating debate. Anyhoo, stumbled onto this site, and while I absolutely love the picture of the penguin standing on the back of a sleeping polar bear - holding cymbals apart, ready to, um, play "suicide alarm clock" - I found the thesis somewhat, well, unexpected. Plz visit the site and let me know what you think. Is it reasonable that the rise in CO2 levels we've seen of late are due to oceanic warming (which would be the opposite cause/effect reasoning as this perhaps?) and are indicative of an impending ice age? Or just hogwash? I haven't read the book, and if you have, I'd especially value your thoughts.

I'll do more digging myself.


Not Crunchy said...

I may as well round out the comments on ALL your posts. :-)

Very intriguing idea. Other than the horrible-plot movie "The Day After Tomorrow" (or was it "Tomorrow After Today" or something like that - at least it redeemed itself with awesome special effects) I've not encountered this theory. I'm going to read some of the links tomorrow and check back in with my opinion.

I liked the penguin too - I have a funny penguin graphic which I'll have to post on my blog.

You're one of those weather guys? Does this mean that you're a ham radio operator too? Before you think I'm making fun of you, I have to admit that I have my radio license - I'm such a nerd - I'd give you my call sign but it would blow my blog land cover. I used to work with a mega nerd who was a weather guy and took it WAAAAAAYYYY too seriously. Oops, now it sounds like I'm making fun of you again. I'm sure that you don't have a transmitter hanging around your neck, ready at a moment's notice to call in your scary weather observations.

R. Stewart said...

Never saw "The Day After Tomorrow" or whatever it was.

I don't have my ham license.