Thursday, March 10, 2005


I've been convicted. I need to do a better job of delivering my posts as I promise. While blogging is a relatively informal practice, I still believe that promises made need to be promises kept. It isn't fair for those who come here looking for, say, a post on Biblical Reliability only to find that my "series" has been postponed another day. Or two. get the idea. So, with that in mind, I am going to lay out my approach to blogging for the next two weeks, and hold myself accountable to this plan.

First, I will post on Biblical Reliability daily (M-F) until I complete the series.

Second, I will add another post or two daily which will either address a particular topic of interest, fulfill a request for more information, or qualify as entrance to a carnival or symposium of sorts.

Third, I may, as the Spirit moves me, post a summary of things I've found in my various trips 'round the (blogo)'sphere.

Then, after I finish my current series, I will think twice about starting any others I don't think I can keep after on a regular basis, and will certainly try to promise nothing short of what I can deliver.

In that vein, two posts today. One is on Christianity & science, in answer to both Catez's wonderful showcase idea and Not Crunchy's thoughts on environmental stereotyping. The second will come later, and address Biblical Reliability. Specifically, I'll talk about how important (and accurate) the oral transmission of material was in ancient societies.

God bless!

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