Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pointers to the Good Stuff

Not much time today to come up with new material, so I'm pointing to some things I find interesting:

The Christian Carnival is up at Wittenberg Gate with 30 or so entries. A visit is highly recommended.

XBIP's symposium has 7 entries as of this posting. Amy's Humble Musings' entry is enough to make me rethink my "talent" in light of her marvelous way of getting a point across.

I empathize with new bloggers, especially those in the faith, so I appreciate efforts like the New Christian Blog Showcase at Patriot Paradox to introduce us to new blogs.

For those of you in the Twin Cities this weekend, the MacLaurin Institute at the U of M is hosting a Conference on Biblical Reliability with Dr. Craig Blomberg and Dr. Walter Kaiser. I'll be catching as much as I can, working around a family wedding on Saturday.

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