Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nothing against the boomers...

I'm not anti-boomer. In fact, as the son of two baby boomers, and the son-in-law of two others, I'm rather fond of many in the group. That generation holds many positions of leadership in both my church and my community, and in many things that is good. I've learned much from boomer authors, thinkers and teachers.


I'm beginning to think (okay, still thinking something I started long ago) that many problems facing this country are direct results of the philosophy of the boomers. Are they training the next generation how to take their place as leaders in this country?

Apparently not always. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. My generation and the next are filled with people who don't know how to be adults. Personal responsibility is giving way to "I'll blame society for telling me I should be married instead of taking responsibility for a failed marriage myself." The marketplace is rejecting young adults who thought jobs would be easy, and easy to find.

Self esteem is a wonderful thing, but should not be gained at the expense of experience. Failure isn't pleasant, but it presents an opportunity to grow. Responsibility is a serious matter, and blaming others leads to the inability to succeed at anything.

I'm sure this'll come off as blathering, and to some this may not seem to be a big deal. Maybe this is something that people talk about with every generational transition within a society. But as I see it, soon the boomers will be retiring (don't get me started on the boomer issues with Social Security, from which I expect to see not one red cent upon my retirement) and the next generations will need to start stepping up. Do I doubt our ability to lead, to thrive, and to grow this nation? No. But I do fear the number of us able to do so well is far too low. And we need to ensure we've learned our lessons from past mistakes, so the generations we leave are better prepared than are we.

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