Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Good news!

More good news, though prayers for the Pope's recovery are, I'm sure, still welcome.

We have Awana tonight, and Princess T is excited about her progress in memorizing her Bible verse de jour. Or, de la semaine, I guess. My French is extremely limited as I was one of those Spanish-taking students in school. Now, of course, that I'm "in the real world" I'm finding less time available for studying new languages, which should be a lesson to those of you still in High School (or lower grades): studying is easier now than it will be when you're older simply because life's demands are a bit more stringent, timewise, on the fully employed.

The Dawn Treader has a good post on apologetics ala blog. I especially appreciate his goals in dealing with non-believers:

My goals are very simple when engaging with non-Christian reader/commenters. One, treat them with respect. I want them to have at least one good encounter with a Christian while talking about substantive issues. Two, be humble and admit when my argument stinks. I have put out some stinky arguments … and been rightly smacked. Three, be willing to admit when the other guy makes a good point. Four, try to part as friends and agree to disagree if you have to. The goal is to present truth with gentleness and respect … not to out debate and defeat the other guy. (NOTE: This is much easier to do in person than with blogging. In fact, it is terribly difficult to do in blogging. So much communication is through body language and expressions. Words on a post can be wrongly interpreted quite easily. I don't know the answer other than … use a lot of emoticons :-) They help ;-) ) Five, have a learning posture. Learn from the skeptics who comment on your blog. I have learned a ton from the ones who are kind enough to comment on The Dawn Treader. What amazing insight they have given me into how they think and how they perceive Christianity. They raise good issues all the time. Six, pray for your commenters by name. It helps you gain perspective and keeps you from viewing them as the enemy. They are NOT the enemy.

In many ways, these have been my informal goals in debating the non-theist, and I have noticed some of the same things (e.g. wrongly-interpreted posts!) I hope to make them more formal and explicit practices as this blog matures.

The Evangelical Blog Awards are here (well, actually at the Evangelical Underground). Peruse the list and see if you don't find some talent in this particular sub-set of the 'sphere that enlightens you. I'm hoping to find some new blogs to check out from such lists, so if you know of others, email me please!

God bless!

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