Thursday, February 17, 2005

I need you! (Or at least some of your advice...)

You may notice my various blogrolls slant to the right. And I'm not just talking about Web page real estate. No, for reasons of familiarity, I have added to my blogrolls those sites I find interesting. I do not vouch for their content, or necessarily agree with it, any more than I expect anyone else to vouch for my content when they link to me. I simply find them interesting enough that I visit their blogs every day, or nearly so. Before adding new links, I visit a site for a couple of weeks to get a good feel for their writing. I'm also not always able to add links as quickly as I'd like for reasons of time, but that's another issue.

What I'm finding, though, are that there are really very few "lefty/non-Evangelical" sites that interest me enough to add them to my blog. I've perused some, and found them to be, in the main, to put this without sounding haughty: not my cup of tea. I don't say this simply because of disagreeable viewpoints. On the contrary, I love debate, and find it incredibly refreshing to find an open-minded "other" whose views differ from mine. It is rare, though, to find a site from, say, an atheist that is civil in tone. I'm sure there are some out there; I just haven't found them yet.

Part of this is because I am still relatively new to the blogosphere, and part of it is my natural affiliation with the conservative/Evangelical point of view. Family first, I guess. But I am extremely interested in quality, fair and civil blogs from those holding more divergent opinions and beliefs. I'll keep looking on my own, but if you know of any to recommend, please email me or leave a comment to this post. I promise to keep an open mind when reviewing the material, and will gladly add such sites as I find interesting to my blogroll. Thanks in advance!

Ala this post (h/t: the soon-to-be-on-my-blogroll Amy's Humble Musings) please keep me honest. I do not try to disperse false teachings, and while I do have a degree in Bible, I am a human and therefore infallible. I don't suppose for one minute I'll be meeting my maker and hear the words, "you got it all correct!" Criticism offered honestly is very welcome.

Thanks in advance, and for the emails to date, they have been uniformly polite, gracious and gentle - thank you all!


Kurt said...

In some ways, an atheist has more in common with an Evangelical Christian than, say, an agnostic. Atheism is the belief that there is no God, which is quite a strong belief that often comes out of serious thought on the matter, while agnoticism basically says "I don't know."

Atheists are more likely to convert to Christianity or another religion because they are strong believers. Agnostics tend to doubt and are less likely to ever become believers of any kind.

Matthew said...
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Amy said...

I've been exchanging emails with an environmentalist (new blogger) at

She's a lefty, but a civil lefty.

R. Stewart said...

Thanks for your feedback. I'll check out the site.

And, by the way, I enjoy your blog Amy. Thanks for stopping by!