Monday, February 21, 2005

Good Monday Eve to you!

Vox Apologia is up at Every Thought Captive. Tough topic (Christian thought in the biotech century) for me to blog on, especially with a wedding and quite a bit of homework to handle this weekend. Apparently I wasn't the only one as there was only one entry this week. The next one is at Greatest Pursuits. Check there for topic/instructions for submitting an opinion this week.

Dr. Craig Blomberg was in town this past weekend for the Biblical Reliability conference at the U, which I mentioned last week. He gave a talk - his term, as opposed to an exegetical sermon - at my church Sunday on the 12 reasons the Gospels are trustworthy. I'll be taking my notes from the "sermon" and expanding on them over the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow. I have a pretty solid interest in Biblical reliability apologetics and the defense of scripture (not that God's word needs my help) so I look forward to writing on this. Hopefully I won't make too many theological errors.

I attended an interesting wedding Saturday. Every time the minister went to a prayer, she would ask that the attendees join "in praying to whomever you feel comfortable." I felt comfortable praying to God, but I wondered who, exactly, she thought was at the ceremony that would be praying to someone/something else. It saddens me no end there are people out there claiming authority to teach the Gospel, yet compromise on the central tenets of the faith. I'll be praying for this minister, alright, but that she would recover the truth: there is but one God to whom we pray, and leading people astray by implying (or stating) otherwise is a bad idea.

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