Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A bad idea...

I must make clear, before starting this, that I do respect Ted Kennedy's position (ala Romans 13:7) in leadership. I pray for those in government no matter what their party affiliation or ideology. And when I critique, I critique (hopefully) political positions and not the folks holding said positions.

That being said, Senator Kennedy's latest remarks demanding we pull our troops out of Iraq exhibit a scary disconnect from reality. The remarks are either based on a naive belief that the U.S. military's presence is the driving factor behind the terrorists (unlike the MSM, I refuse to call those thugs insurgents), or an ill-founded trust in the wonders of diplomacy over military might in every situation.

True, there are times diplomacy works very well. This isn't one of them. Were the U.S. to up and leave Iraq, it would be like handing the keys to a Ferrari to a 15 year old who's just received his permit, and wishing him "good luck" as you direct him into a demolition derby. Sure, he may be able to survive for a while, but to ensure success it'd be a better idea to get rid of the remaining cars trying to destroy him before putting him behind the wheel.

Pulling the military out of Iraq before the Iraqi government has a chance to build up security and military forces sufficient to maintain order would, despite the best efforts of very smart and courageous Iraqis, leave that country vulnerable to a focused terror campaign aimed at throwing the nation into chaos.

While this thought probably appeals to the terrorists, it should not appeal to U.S. Senators. Truthfully, I don't think Senator Kennedy wants Iraq to fall into anarchy, or to become a totalitarian state on par with Hussein's regime. Hopefully I'm not being naive myself. But his appeal to a quick exit of our troops, while desirable at first glance, would be an unmitigated disaster upon a modicum of reflection.


I know a number of folks think evangelicals, like myself, don't like Catholics. That's not true, although I do disagree with some points in orthodox Catholic theology. At the moment, though, the Pope's health would seem to indicate a time of prayer is needed, with theology differences on the back burner for a bit.

God bless you this evening, and His will be done.

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