Thursday, January 06, 2005

What's coming up?

I suppose a direction for this blog should be set forth so I can attempt to hold myself accountable. First of all, I'm not the type to sift Web sites all day long to be "first to market" an opinion on a breaking story. As noted Tuesday, I am drawn in too many different directions.

Second, I do not have much interest in seeking out obscure bits of trivia to discuss. While I have a wide variety of interests, and can talk passionately about a few things, searching for nuggets of information not widely in the public realm is not the way I'd describe my favorite hobby.

Finally, for now, I don't have a specific "niche" interest that could support a blog. Ergo, this will not be a blog about the University of Minnesota Gopher's football team (though I enjoyed the win over 'Bama) or storm chasing. The latter is an interest of mine, but in Minnesota, we don't have a very long season for it; certainly not long enough to sustain 12 months of chatter from me.

So where do I see this blog going? I have an affinity for essays, so I'll probably veer towards writing an essay blog. I also have a passion for apologetics (i.e. defending my Christian worldview) so there will likely be many a post that tie in the Christian worldview to current events. And, I'm very much a "family guy" so often I'll incorporate stories of the wife/kids. Sort of a combination of Lileks and Mark D. Roberts is where I see this ultimately going. Frequent series, with some breaks for matters of immediate interest. And if that doesn't work, I'll try something else.

As a tease, My first series will probably be an answer to the question of why I believe in God. Not an argument for why anyone else should/should not, but just an explanation of my thoughts on the matter. I look for that to start next week, with a general wrap of final thoughts on what this blog will be/why I'm starting a blog to come tomorrow.

God bless!

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