Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What a great idea!

The wonderful spirit of the blogosphere, especially in the Evangelical subculture, is quite refreshing at times. And yes, when I say that I am purposely ignoring the not-so-nice out there. Hugh starts it all off by tossing out the idea of holding a "God blogs" conference. The idea was quickly picked up by SmartChristian Blog and away we go. I think it's a fascinating idea, and will do what I can to get there. My only regret is that the schedule looks like it'd be next fall. I need the help now! If you are interested in God and blogs, think about noting your interest.


I think I've found another blog for my regular rotation: Allthings2all. This post is more concise than I could hope to be on the topic. I realize many feel Pascal's wager isn't worth thinking about, but Pascal was absolutely right. God is, or God isn't. Human philosophy and thought can't determine the answer, so pick the side on which you'll be betting. With eternity on the line, it needs to be a well-informed wager though. Don't dismiss God because your "reason" doesn't allow for faith. The stakes are too high.


One last thing before I head to rest and recover from teaching Awana Cubbies tonight. It was a tragic day for the U.S. military in Iraq, and a tragic day for civilians in Los Angeles. I'm reminded when I see stories like this that, contrary to the worldview of some, human nature is deeply flawed. If humanity were good, we wouldn't have wars. If human nature was good, we wouldn't have people die because someone decided to risk others in an aborted attempt to take his own life. Bad news isn't aberrant, it's systemic. It's just that we think so well of ourselves compared to those "others" on the news that we don't recognize our own nature for what it is: rebellious against God, and inherently selfish. There but for the grace of God, go I. This is a world in need of a savior.

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