Monday, January 03, 2005


As if the blogosphere wasn't crowded enough...

Welcome to my first blog post. Hopefully I'll be posting information here that is informative, or if not that, at least thought provoking. This is not intended to be a diary blog, though I'm certain that some personal information will appear. My writing tends to be fairly informal and conversational, so the private life will sneak in at times. My intent is to use this blog as a means of communication, a way of working out answers to questions that nag at me, and a place of practicing my skills in writing. With luck, you'll find something of interest in my ruminations.

I suppose I need to let you know a bit about me. I'm a thirtysomething male who lives (ala my blog name) in the northern part of the Twin Cities. For those of you unfamiliar with that particular title, it refers to the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metro area. I'm married, with two beautiful pre-school daughters. We share two cats, and an affinity for snow. I have undergraduate degrees in Communication, Bible, and Computer Science, and am now working on my MBA. My job title is IT Project Manager, which means I, well, manage projects for my company's IT department. Primarily, these projects deal with software development, not hardware installation, or networking, or anything like that.

Beyond the miscellany of my life, I also have biases. Everyone does, really, though some are more ignorant of their own than they should be. I would ask, though, that as I try to be open about my perspective that you would take any arguments put forth in this blog honestly, and apart from my bias. In other words, don't dismiss what I propose just because you disagree with my religious philosophy, or don't automatically accept my assertions on the basis of agreeing with my philosophy. Rather, judge the arguments themselves on their merits. I don't mind debate; rather, I enjoy it. It is preferred, though, that the debate be honest and civil.

That being said, and by way of introduction, some of my biases should be made known up front. It will save some of you the trouble of visiting again if you (a) dislike my beliefs, and (b) don't like that last paragraph. I am a conservative Christian in terms of religion, an independent in terms of politics, and a Minnesota sports fan in terms of athletic affiliations. These high-level views color pretty much all of my thoughts, so consider yourself warned. Detail about my views will come out as this blog gets going.

I think this is enough for now. I may get into hobbies later (as I think those can sometimes help provide insight into "who a person really is") but that's for another day. I intend to post about once a day, M-F, though certain days will see more/fewer posts. I welcome emails, and will answer them as I have time. I apologize in advance for late replies, though, as time spent studying for a Master's degree, on top of a full-time job and a full-time family means blog-related work may be the last tasks on a long list. I will read every reply though.

In the meantime, I'm putting up the beginnings of a blog roll. Check out some of these folks' work. I don't always agree with them, but I think they're worth checking out.

God bless!

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