Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Kids...gotta love 'em

A favor, if you don't mind, and are of the praying ilk. Daughter #1 (Princess T for those of you scoring at home) has strep throat - unfortunately discovered shortly after Sunday School. She's on antibiotics, and is perking up nicely, but if you could take a moment to pray that she did not spread this far and wide through the church Sunday School program, I know she'd be obliged.


Long day. But no complaints. Worked from home today to watch Princess T, since she couldn't go to daycare. I was able to remain somewhat productive for the company, so I don't have to burn an entire vacation day this early in the year. Not that staying home with my daughters is "burning" anything, but I'd rather spend vacation time with them both healthy. More fun to do things like take them outside on such unseasonably warm days. The 6" of snow we got this weekend is all but gone from the local sledding hill after the neighborhood kids took a few runs - and we couldn't get out there with Tierney being sick.

Ah well. It was still a joy. She was so helpful around the house, which is amazing at age 4. Hopefully it rubs off on the younger sibling, who thinks that Daddy should clean up all her messes. Well, why not? Daddy and Mommy have been doing that all her life; it's not fair to change the rules now! She'll learn.

Which I enjoy watching. Seeing little ones absorb everything around them is truly humbling. Princess T learns her Awana verses in a few repetitions, and remembers them for weeks and months afterwards. Little Miss learns about, oh, 10 new words daily, or at least it seems that way. My wife and I both teach Sunday School, and it is amazing what kids pick up on, and how quickly they do so.

If you can't tell, I have a soft spot for children. A friend of mine works with orphans, and has asked for people to come visit/help for a few weeks. My fear is that I'd try to bring 20 of them home with me. There is joy in children, and we can learn so much from them. I'm learning more and more that there is more to life than work and a kept up property. Playing is necessary, for them and for me. And hugs make everything better.

Thank you Lord, for children. And may they all sleep well tonight, and may they come to know you as Abba Father.

God bless!

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