Monday, January 24, 2005

Have mercy on me, a newbie blogger...

I still haven't quite figured out all this "blogging" stuff yet. It's technically easy enough, but finding the time is taking some getting used to. Not to mention figuring out exactly where I want to take this thing. I suppose that's the fun of anything new. I can't wait to see what I end up doing here.

One of the problems is trying to fit this around family, church, work, and school. This weekend, for instance, we took the girls to swimming lessons, shoveled 28 metric tons of snow out of our driveway, attended church, took care of a sick four-year-old and crammed a week's worth of Statistics homework into a few hours time last night. Okay, it doesn't look that bad on "paper" but the time flew by when I lived it.

This isn't, of course, news to anyone who blogs. The best laid plans of bloggers everywhere are often laid asunder by the duties of life. So I'll stop talking about it now...(shouts of rejoicing I hear?)


I was, recently, blogging on a reason why I believe in God. Of course, after posting it I thought of about 27 improvements I could have made in the wording, but I'll leave it as-is for now. There are more reasons, of course, and one of them has to do with a recent anniversary. We are now 32 years into the Roe v. Wade era, plus a day or two. This is always an occasion of sadness for me, as with all pro-lifers, but the movement is not what I'd like to talk about. I will say, though, that as a fervent pro-lifer, I hope to talk about some of this in the near future.

No, rather I'd like to talk about those two little miracles named Amissa and Tierney. Tierney is our four year old, and Amissa is our two year old. Both girls are (and I am under obligation as holder of the title "Daddy" to say this) beautiful, bright and charming. But that is not what leads me to believe in God. Because I believe in God, and because I believe certain things about Him, I believe I have been blessed. But this follows from a set of beliefs. The root belief is the belief in God.

How do my daughters argue for the existence of God? Quite simply, naturalism (the term I'm using to describe any opposing view to theism of any flavor) has no satisfactory explanation for why certain things about my daughters are observable. Both girls, for instance, has a great love of art and beauty. There is no natural reason, no evolutionary explanation, for why beauty and aesthetics appeal to us. I've heard a few attempts, and none are plausible enough for me.

Likewise, neither girl bears the signs of "accident of nature." Rather, they both have the "fingerprints of God" all over them. Their design is evident. No large number of random events or mutations could have added up to Tierney and Amissa. They are too fearfully and wonderfully made. It's just not credible.

Some may say this is denial, and wishful thinking on my part. Possibly, I guess. For those of a naturalistic bent, my assumptions, and what makes sense to me, will have little sway. But for those of you in that camp, I'd ask if you have a better explanation. (And being married to someone in the biological/natural education field, I've heard most of the evidence proffered on this point.) If nothing else, I try to be fair-minded, and open-minded to the point where I risk having my mind fall out completely. Let me know if you have a question I may not have considered, and I'll post my thoughts (email link below.)

For now, though, there is nothing else I can think of that explains their complexity and wonder than a loving creator who granted mercy on a wanna-be Daddy.

God bless!

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